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(2set) Groovy Ring
  • (2set) Groovy Ring
  • 40.34 USD

[SILVER925]Signal Ring
  • [SILVER925]Signal Ring
  • 24.65 USD

Sparkle Earcuff
  • Sparkle Earcuff
  • 22.41 USD

Chic Heart Ring
  • Chic Heart Ring
  • 39.22 USD

Your ABC
  • Your ABC
  • 23.53 USD

Golden Clip
  • Golden Clip
  • 35.85 USD

Hook Ring
  • Hook Ring
    Sponsored by Sekyung Shin on Instagram
  • 25.77 USD

★30% discount on preorders★<br> Panda Bear Necklace
  • ★30% discount on preorders★
    Panda Bear Necklace
  • 125.49 USD

    87.84 USD

Just Buy It!!_Rose Pink
  • Just Buy It!!_Rose Pink
  • 33.61 USD

Olive Chain Hairpin
  • Olive Chain Hairpin
  • 31.37 USD

(2set)Woody Hairpin
  • (2set)Woody Hairpin
  • 21.29 USD

Black Swan_Pin 01
  • Black Swan_Pin 01
    IU, Seo Ji Hye crashed, sipsiilban Wu sponsorship of love
  • 33.61 USD

(2set) Mini Wave
  • (2set) Mini Wave
    Sponsored by April Chaewon
  • 26.89 USD

Shine Flower Earring
  • Shine Flower Earring
    (Female) Sponsored by Children's Rainy Season
  • 35.85 USD

Wave Crystal
  • Wave Crystal
    IU wear
  • 41.46 USD

Rouge Ring
  • Rouge Ring
    Sponsored by Pyeon Restaurant Eunhye Yoon
  • 23.53 USD

Lovely Petit Scarf
  • Lovely Petit Scarf
  • 52.66 USD

Bijou Petit Scarf
  • Bijou Petit Scarf
  • 52.66 USD

Eight Stones Ring
  • Eight Stones Ring
  • 29.13 USD

Petit Scarf
  • Petit Scarf
  • 51.54 USD

Pearl Petit Scarf
  • Pearl Petit Scarf
  • 52.66 USD

D_Round Earring
  • D_Round Earring
  • 29.13 USD

Noir Points Earring
  • Noir Points Earring
  • 47.06 USD

Brown Hopi Petit Scarf
  • Brown Hopi Petit Scarf
  • 50.42 USD

(2set)Wave&Wave Ring
  • (2set)Wave&Wave Ring
  • 28.01 USD

Novel Chain Long Scarf
  • Novel Chain Long Scarf
  • 50.42 USD

Black Swan Claw Clip
  • Black Swan Claw Clip
  • 42.58 USD

Check Basic Hairband
  • Check Basic Hairband
  • 32.49 USD

[2nd reorder] Blue Leopard
  • [2nd reorder] Blue Leopard
  • 31.37 USD

(2set) Heart Signal Necklace
  • (2set) Heart Signal Necklace
  • 64.99 USD

Dona Pearl Hairpin
  • Dona Pearl Hairpin
  • 21.29 USD

Symbol Dot
  • Symbol Dot
  • 29.13 USD

Little Marble
  • Little Marble
  • 33.61 USD

Leopard Daily Hairpin
  • Leopard Daily Hairpin
  • 21.29 USD

Double Star
  • Double Star
  • 31.37 USD

Orange Marmalade Hairband
  • Orange Marmalade Hairband
  • 31.37 USD

Antique Drop
  • Antique Drop
    (Female) Children unannounced sponsorship
  • 39.22 USD

Jewel Earring
  • Jewel Earring
  • 28.01 USD

White Snow Ball
  • White Snow Ball
  • 48.18 USD

(2set) White Snow Necklace
  • (2set) White Snow Necklace
  • 94.12 USD

[2nd reorder] Blue Leopard
  • [2nd reorder] Blue Leopard
  • 31.37 USD

Alice Band
  • Alice Band
    Sponsored by Dabin Jeong
  • 19.05 USD

  • Overlap_B
  • 30.25 USD

Marble Square Hairpin
  • Marble Square Hairpin
  • 31.37 USD

Rainbow Hairpin
  • Rainbow Hairpin
  • 47.06 USD

Butterfly Hairpin
  • Butterfly Hairpin
    Startup Suzy, Connaught University intern Han Ji-eun sponsored
  • 27.45 USD

  • Crayfish
  • 15.69 USD

Pyca Hair Band
  • Pyca Hair Band
    Girlfriend Eunha, I've been to once Sponsored by Yoona Oh
  • 31.37 USD

Hound tooth check
  • Hound tooth check
    Chinese class Nbora
  • 26.89 USD

White pure ball
  • White pure ball
    [8th Reorder] Sponsored by Park Se Wan, Jung So Min, Shin Min Ah, Calligraphy Paper
  • 25.77 USD

[Purchase before 4:00 PM, release the same day]<br> White snow
  • [Purchase before 4:00 PM, release the same day]
    White snow
    ★Sponsored by Goara, Oh My Girl Arin, Get It Beauty Kim Doyeon, Kyungri, Lee Seyoung, Innisfree Yoona
  • 46.83 USD

Hound Tooth Check2
  • Hound Tooth Check2
  • 23.53 USD

Check red
  • Check red
    Happy Together Lee, Si Young, SFW Gona, Donation, Taeyeon Sponsorship
  • 43.70 USD

[Delivery before 4pm] <br> Elegant Harper / Unbal Elegant Harper
  • [Delivery before 4pm]
    Elegant Harper / Unbal Elegant Harper
    Change 6th, Yujin, Gracia June, Jung Somin, God's Promise 17th Yuna Oh, Golden Garden Oh Ji Eun, Girlfriend Mystery, Cha Ye Ryeon, Hong Eun Hee
  • 41.46 USD

Beads ball
  • Beads ball
    Defective humans Kim Seulgi, About Time
  • 44.82 USD

Black velvet drop
  • Black velvet drop
    Hotel De Luna IU, Section TV bookkeeper, not vanity, Dad true colors So Yoo-jin sponsorship
  • 49.30 USD

Anna Flower Ring
  • Anna Flower Ring
  • 25.77 USD

Between Ring
  • Between Ring
    Boreum Han, Soyul Shin, Woohee Dahee, Woohee Cheon, Soyeon Kim, Jiwoo Choi, Junghwa Kim, Hana Park, Hayoung Oh, Hana Park, Jiyoung Kang, Sumin Lee, Nara Oh
  • 31.37 USD

[The third car ★ reorder] SC01
  • [The third car ★ reorder] SC01
    Cha Eun-woo, calligraphy, Lee Jong-seok, Kim Soon-eun, Park Soo-jin,
  • 28.01 USD

Always Smile Earring
  • Always Smile Earring
    On & Off Kim Min-ah Sponsored
  • 24.65 USD

[SILVER925] Square_line
  • [SILVER925] Square_line
    Abyss Hanso Hee, Spring Iona Spring Eunseo, Beauty Inside Ryoo Hwa-young, Life One Jin-a
  • 33.61 USD

Golden bell
  • Golden bell
    Yoon Jin-yi, one of the only ones,
  • 33.61 USD

  • 18SCREW
    Kim Joo-hyun, Good Casting Yoo In-young, Bon Again Jin Se-yeon, Lawless Lawyer Seo Ye-ji Sponsored
  • 35.85 USD

    28.01 USD

[Surprise Special Price] R4S.9
  • [Surprise Special Price] R4S.9
  • 25.77 USD

    16.81 USD

  • R4S.6
    [READY 4 SUMMER] Battle Trip Badge, Family Members
  • 22.41 USD

Chloe big Flower
  • Chloe big Flower
    Gracie Jun issue jongsin, Joo Seung Lee Lee, Si-young
  • 39.22 USD

Ice cream
  • Ice cream
    IU, jeonginseon, Lee Young-eun, Lee Si-young, a rub, seoeunsu, migration, Wu, Yang hyeji, sponsored baksewan
  • 28.01 USD

Dot Ring
  • Dot Ring
    Enter your search term www
  • 24.65 USD

[SILVER925] Mellow
  • [SILVER925] Mellow
    Han Ji Min, Son Eun Seo, Eun Jung Chan
  • 28.01 USD

★ order runaway ★ Connecting
  • ★ order runaway ★ Connecting
    Sponsored by So-Hyun Park, Ye-Ryeon Cha, So-Yeon Kim, Hye-Bin Jeon, and Nara Kwon in Itaewon Class
  • 31.37 USD

[Surprise discount] Color balls choker
  • [Surprise discount] Color balls choker
    Hayes, gieunse, gimjingyeong, IU, stern, not vanity sponsorship
  • 53.78 USD

    51.54 USD

Summer Q
  • Summer Q
    Her Private Life Min-Young Park, Three-Sided Threesome Village So-Dam Park, Jung-Sia, Lovelyz Jisoo, I've been there once, sponsored by Yoon Ah Oh
  • 32.49 USD

Alice Dew (3set)
  • Alice Dew (3set)
    Sponsored by Taeyeon
  • 55.80 USD

Just Buy IT!!_Square
  • Just Buy IT!!_Square
    Gratia April Nina, Suzy. Song Ji-hyo, Yuli Lee, Jo Boa sponsored
  • 33.61 USD

[SILVER925] Matt pearl_01
  • [SILVER925] Matt pearl_01
    Dabin Jung, Jeongah Yeom at SKY Castle, Umjiwon Umjiwon, and Yunjoo Jang of Uniqlo
  • 28.01 USD

[SILVER925] Blooming flower
  • [SILVER925] Blooming flower
    Lim Se-ju, Lee Ju-woo, Lee Seong-kyung, April Nayeon, Yang Hye-ji, Park Se-wan, Kim Jae-kyung, WikiMiki Yoo-jeong, Haum-ah Please take care of Lee Young-eun sponsored by
  • 28.01 USD

  • MIRACLE mini
    Teide Road Ridge Sponsorship
  • 28.01 USD

Bbibbi Girl
  • Bbibbi Girl
    Supporting her private life
  • 14.57 USD

Mini Standard_Square_Red
  • Mini Standard_Square_Red
    ★ ★ This new color open Again Jin Se-yeon, Cho Yeo-jeong, seoeunsu, Apink Bomi, IU, red velvet Joey sponsorship
  • 28.01 USD

  • Getcha!
    Supported by Soomin Lee, Dasom, Soojin Park, and Jeongyoon Choi
  • 20.17 USD

Between Ring
  • Between Ring
    Enter your search terms WWW Lee Hee-hee, please ask for the refrigerator, Cheon Woo-hee, my pretty daughter in the world, Kim So-yeon, Choi Ji-woo, Confession of the Confession Kim Jung-hwa, Heard in the wind, Park Hana, Oh Ha-young, Stogrig Park Eun-bin, Don't let go
  • 33.61 USD

Bunt Earring
  • Bunt Earring
    Kim Go-eun sponsored by Space Girl Summer
  • 40.34 USD

[3rd reorder as soon as I upload] <br> [Lee Da-ha, Se-a Yoon, Hee-jin Jang at the Life Bar] <br> Overlap
  • [3rd reorder as soon as I upload]
    [Lee Da-ha, Se-a Yoon, Hee-jin Jang at the Life Bar]
    Thank you for your support ♥
  • 43.70 USD

[Period discount] One clip
  • [Period discount] One clip
    Sung Yu-ri, Fox yellowfin stars chaesubin, switches, Han Ye-ri, IU, Baek Jin Hee, Esom, sponsored Nam Ji-hyun
  • 47.06 USD

[Order runaway][SILVER925]One clip_square
  • [Order runaway][SILVER925]One clip_square
    Kim Hee-ae couple of the world, gimsejeong, IU, sponsored seoeunsu
  • 40.34 USD

Rich Bold Earring
  • Rich Bold Earring
  • 35.85 USD

Royal Wave Earring
  • Royal Wave Earring
    Allure Photobook Jang Nara, So Lee Hyun, Cheetah, Kang Min-kyung, my most beautiful daughter in the world, Kim So-yeon, sns Lee Sun-bin sponsored by
  • 40.34 USD

Colin Ring
  • Colin Ring
    The Banker Shin Hyun-hyun,
  • 28.01 USD

Dolce Vita Tears
  • Dolce Vita Tears
    Hotel De Luna IU three times, section, TV Entertainment Communication Finance, the only one on my side Yoon Jin, Park So-dam Sponsorship
  • 29.13 USD

Three Moment
  • Three Moment
    Suo Ah, Yoona, Kim Go-eun, Stove League Park Eun-bin, Kim Jung-hwa, Ynat Season Han Bo-reum
  • 30.25 USD

[SILVER925] Merry O
  • [SILVER925] Merry O
    Hotel De Luna IU sponsorship
  • 46.83 USD

Two Line Alice Choker
  • Two Line Alice Choker
    Vanity paper, what are you doing Lee Hyo nolmyeon, multiplication Mina, Kim Sae-ron, IU, Yoon, Kim, Yu - Jeong Morning Star Convenience Store, April Cai Jing sponsorship
  • 43.70 USD

Pure flower
  • Pure flower
  • 38.10 USD

[Purchase before 4:00 PM, release the same day]<br> ★Connecting (Silver)
  • [Purchase before 4:00 PM, release the same day]
    ★Connecting (Silver)
    Cha Ye-ryeon, Kim So-yeon, Kyung-ri, Jeon Hye-bin, Itaewon Class
  • 31.37 USD

[Surprise discount] Color balls choker
  • [Surprise discount] Color balls choker
    Hayes, gieunse, gimjingyeong, IU, stern, not vanity sponsorship
  • 53.78 USD

    51.54 USD

[SILVER925] Love me2
  • [SILVER925] Love me2
  • 39.22 USD

[Purchase before 4:00 PM, release the same day]<br> [2018 S/S] Linear_02
  • [Purchase before 4:00 PM, release the same day]
    [2018 S/S] Linear_02
    Yoon So-i, Lee Min-jung, About Time Lee Seong-kyung, GOT7 JB sponsored
  • 48.18 USD

One Love Bracelet
  • One Love Bracelet
  • 44.82 USD

More Love
  • More Love
  • 28.01 USD

[SILVER925] Round bracelet
  • [SILVER925] Round bracelet
  • 35.85 USD

Heart shaker
  • Heart shaker
    IZone Hitomi, Twice Dahyun. Sponsored by Red Velvet Irene
  • 31.37 USD

Hey Coco
  • Hey Coco
    Kang Min-ah, Jo Yeo-jeong, Soul Repairer Jeon So-min, Gong Hyo-jin when the camellia blooms, What are you doing when you play?
  • 47.06 USD

Clear Crystal Gold
  • Clear Crystal Gold
  • 35.85 USD

Marble Layered
  • Marble Layered
    Supported by Drama VIP Zhang Nai
  • 42.58 USD

More Line
  • More Line
    Red Velvet Yeri, Oh My Baby 6th Jang Na-ra Sponsored
  • 31.37 USD

Mini Chain ring
  • Mini Chain ring
    The King's Eternal Lord 2 times sponsored by Yongji Kim
  • 29.13 USD

Elle Tears
  • Elle Tears
  • 31.37 USD

Jade Earring_2
  • Jade Earring_2
  • 35.85 USD